Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Cassette and CD

In early 1980 Johnny Allen of Cabaret Conspiracy invited Elizabeth Drake and I to perform at Palms Cabaret, an underground bar on Oxford St, Darlinghurst. The baby grand stood on a perspex disco dance floor and our punk-cabaret personas shimmered in the mirrored walls behind us. Palms was one of the venues the Cabaret Conspiracy crew used, along with Garibaldis and the fabulous Liverpool St flats with the central courtyard where many of them lived.

Poster by Bob Daly

Palms was packed every night, word of our show spread like wild fire and we were soon invited by Sue Hill to take a late night spot at the Downstairs Nimrod (now Belvoir St Theatre) in Surry Hills.

Later that year we were invited to take part in the First Australian Cabaret Festival at Garibaldis performing alongside Los Trios Ringbarkus, Fifi Lamour and Boom Boom La Bern, the Lobotomy Brothers, Funny Stories and many more.

Around the same time we were spotted by Roz Cheney at ABC Radio and asked to record for the Coming Out Show. How lucky for us that we were able to record all the songs from the show for without it we would have absolutely no existing record. They were happy for us to duplicate some cassettes to sell at our shows and we asked Lucyfoil Collective to design a screen print cover and poster.

Cassette cover by Lucyfoil Collective.

I often bump into people who tell me they still have their cassette and miraculously it still plays! Others wore theirs out long ago.  It was a request from one such person who had never seen the show but played the tape incessantly while working outback on a desert community. Years later he found me on Facebook and asked if I had it on CD. With the help of a techi friend I had managed to transfer it but only had a couple of copies.

To fill his order I got a few more printed which is how I come to have them on hand today to offer as an incentive in my Indiegogo New York Launch Campaign. 

The CD alone or the CD plus the original cassette are available for a limited time.

It's a limited edition collectors item offer and will go towards helping me launch my latest book and cabaret, Archipelagogo - Love Songs to Indonesia at The Bowery Poetry Club in New York City.



Read more about the history of the musical Failing In Love Again here.


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